5 Things Every Rider Should Know - Fall Riding Edition

5 Things Every Rider Should Know - Fall Riding Edition

Fall is here but that doesn't mean the end of riding season! The air is crisper and the view is incredible with all the autumn colours that surround you with every turn, but autumn riding comes with it's own set of rules and hidden dangers. Here are some tips to stay warm and safe when experiencing life on two wheels this fall.




If you are going on a motorcycle trip or know you're going to be in the saddle for a long time, be sure to pack extra clothing and dress in layers - including a base layer and gear liner. A leather motorcycle jacket not only looks hella good, but it also acts as a barrier to help keep you sheltered from the wind and keep you warm.
You also want to be prepared and bring rain gear, leather gloves, and consider adding heated gear to your commute - because Canada. Stop by and speak with our Riding Gear Specialists to find the best fit and which level of protection you need for the riding that you do.



2. LEAVES: Wet or Dry - they're sneaky!

Riding in the fall is an experience that fills your senses with adventure. Take a deep breath and take in the smell of freshly fallen leaves. There are few things in life that are indescribable, and riding your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in September and October is one of them.

As beautiful as the leaves are during this time of year however; they can also be dangerous to all riders. Wet leaves from the rain are slippery and dry leaves cover any potholes or ice patches. When approaching a pile of leaves on the road, do so with caution and ride slowly. Give yourself extra time to get to where you're going.




When taking the back roads, especially in Cottage Country, there's a good chance you could spot some wildlife. We are creeping up on Deer season, and deer don't pay attention to trivial things like road safety. They will dart across the road with no care in the world, almost always in front of a vehicle haulin' 90 KM/H on a darkened back-wood road. As a motorcycle rider it is imperative that you do not swerve to avoid Bambi. Instead, brake hard until the potential collision is avoided. Deer travel in herds so expect there to be more in the area and stay alert.




With the days getting shorter there is only so much daylight left. The sun is lower on the horizon and the glare burns with the fury of 1,000 suns. The sunrise and sunset times in the fall are constantly changing. Adjust your speed and travel times accordingly. Remember, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

If you can't avoid chasing the sun then pack accordingly. Speak with our Riding Gear Specialists to find out what tinted lenses you should have for your visor and riding glasses.




It's not quite Winter yet (thank goodness), but that doesn't mean Mother Nature isn't trying her best to make our mornings suck a little more each day. Frost and icy patches are starting to appear on the roads, and remain there for longer periods of time, especially in shaded areas. Slippery black ice can also make an appearance during your ride and can be tough to spot. Be extra cautious on wet and damp days.



Ontario looks absolutely stunning decked in fall foliage and it's a terrific time for motorcycle riders to plan their bike trip or ride to the cottage. Before you heed to the call of the open road, perform a maintenance check to make sure your bike is in good condition and watch the weather forecast.



Be safe and happy riding!

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